Back in the spring Chris said he had never been to a professional football game & wanted to go to a Seattle Seahawks game this upcoming season. Not long after, Marc Mariani, the Grizzlies’ star football was drafted to the Tennessee Titans (woot! woot!). After further review we discovered that the Titans played the Seahawks for the first game (pre-season) of the year @ Quest Field in Seattle. How could we say no?

My good friend Britta had moved to Seattle that very week so we went out & crashed on her livingroom floor. Thanks again Britta!!

I worked Friday morning so we took off early afternoon. The drive to Seattle is slightly boring, but there’s nothing better than driving into a city like that at night when it’s all lit up. We got up early Saturday to hit up the REI headquarters & do a little sightseeing around Seattle. I had never been to this city before so the guys were nice enough to go do some touristy things w/ me like the space needle, walk the piers, etc.

Roommate Kyle & friend Jerek had press passes onto the field so Chris found tickets on craigslist for us. He somehow managed to score club seating at an amazing deal. So now, not only did we have seats, but we had AMAZING seats too.

Mariani played an amazing first game in the NFL & we only look forward to watching him play in many more NFL games. (I also got to meet his mom by coincidence after the game!)

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  1. Belle says:

    What a great trip. My husband and I used to go see the B.C.Lions in Vancouver. The last time I was in Seattle was at the Worlds Fair in the 1960s. I think that is when the Space Needle was built. I had the most wonderful time at the fair.

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