I have spent the past few weeks intensely working with a 2 1/2 year old chihuahua named Santos. He was a training client of mine that just wasn’t working out in his current situation. His aggression with people & other animals was intensifying & something needed to be done before he seriously hurt someone (even chihuahuas have teeth, no matter how tiny!).  Just having twin boys, his parents came to the difficult realization that they were going to be unable to give Santos the intense socialization & training that he needed in their current situation.
     After talking it over with his parents we all decided it would be in Santos’ best interest if he came to live with me & my pack for some intense therapy before trying to re-home him.
     I’m proud to say that after having been in my pack for only a few weeks, Santos has made AMAZING progress & is now in the beginning stages of looking for his new forever home. If you know of anyone interested in adopting a new dog, please sent them my way. He will only go to a home that understands that no matter how fun it is to dress him up (yes, he comes w/ a few jackets and sweaters) he is still a dog & needs to be treated as one. I have fallen considerably for this little guy & look forward to seeing him happy in the next chapter of his life.

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