Independence Day

Chris’ boss, Brian, & his family invited us up to their cabin on Seeley Lake to spend the 4th of July ‘with their family. We really had no other set plans & a weekend right on the lake sounded just like something we needed. So when I got out of work Saturday night we packed up the dogs & our bags in mi baja & drove up to Seeley.

The nicest thing about summers in our part of Montana is that it really doesn’t get dark till around 10:30 on most summer nights. So despite getting on the road so late, we made it there w/ plenty of daylight to set things up and explore for a little while before we crashed in front of a fire for s’mores.

There is a really nice parade on the 4th along the main road in Seeley. We headed down to watch the parade & bath in the sunshine for a little while. It rained that night during the fireworks so Chris & I just hung out inside our camper w/ the pups watching fireworks go off all around us.

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