Ridin’ Dirty

Welcome to Seattle! Oh wait, no, I still live in Missoula! It’s been doing nothing but rain, at least once a day, here in Missoula since May 16th. On the plus side, we’re getting a lot of water we missed b/c of the crappy snowfall this year & the grasses in the mountains are greener than I’ve ever seen them.
      Sick of the rain, Missoula did what it always does, make the best of any weather, cold or hot, rain or shine. So Chris & I decided to take on mountain biking this week. I’ve done a few off road trails on my own before, & Chris has been doing some biking in training for his adventure racing so we took off down the Rattlesnake Wilderness one day to get muddy. Even Bosco the adventure dog came along. I’ve been training him to ride alongside a bike since he was about 6 months old. Today was his true test of obedience with a bike and he certainly passed with flying colors!

2 thoughts on “Ridin’ Dirty

  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks like you both have a disease. Hope you get cleaned up before I get there (only 70 more days!)

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