Grizzly Adventure Photography

     I’ve been sick for the past week and a half so despite the beautiful weather I’ve been laying on the couch trying to recouperate. I’m finally starting to come around but my past weekend certainly has not been relaxing (although it was amazing).
      Thursday night I went out to a local pub for a business meeting between a few people and myself who are starting up an adventure photography business.

     Months ago, when I heard Conan O’Brien was going on tour I looked up the venues he was performing in to see if he was coming anywhere near Missoula. When I found out he was coming to Spokane, WA I jumped on two tickets for Chris & I. When I surprised Chris w/ the tickets I was saddened to find that Conan was performing the night before the Grizzly Man Adventure Race. Chris has been preparing for months for the race & had mandatory meetings for it the night before. So I gave the extra ticket to my housemate Kyle. He & I headed to Spokane Friday night for one heck of a show!

     Saturday morning I was up bright and early at 6 am (after getting in from Spokane only 3 hours earlier) to head up to the Paws Up Ranch with Chris for the start of the race. The weather was beautiful & I was given my chance to prove my stuff at my first paid photography gig. Thanks Chris for letting me use your digital SLR camera (as well as your years of instruction) & to Dan & Samantha for giving me the chance to be out there in the field w/ them! To check out all our photos go to:

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