Quinault Kennels

Earlier this week I had the chance to visit the home/compound/farm of the Alaskan Malamute breeder/musher Twila Baker. I’ve done some socialzation training for some of her younger pups & have always had a good time working with her dogs.

Chris company, MOE, is partnering up w/ Twila to provide dog sledding tours coming next winter. Chris was headed up to her place to talk some business so I took the day off work and tagged along because… well we all know I’ll use any excuse to go play w/ dogs. The road in was… interesting. Okay, it was scary, but we made it in safe thanks to Chris’ Jeep (love me some Jeep!).

Twila was awesome in showing us around her beautiful property (also guided by two of her dogs, Baxley, a foxhound & Zuma, an alaskan husky) on a fun little off road vehicle for most of the day. The views were amazing & I highly recommend anyone in the Missoula area come January 2011 to take a ride on a sled behind 12 Quinault Malamutes.

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