Forester’s Ball

The entire gym is turned into an old western town, complete with jail, saloons, photo studio, wedding chapel, and more. I wish I had a better photo to illustrate this!
We have no idea who the drunk kid is that decided he needed to be in our picture but found this pretty amusing

The Foresters’ Ball is a 90-year-old tradition that was originally, and still is, a scholarship fundraiser for students who volunteer their time, regardless of their major or departmental affiliation. Past figures for total annual scholarships awarded have been in excess of $6,000. In recent years, the Foresters’ Ball has helped raise money for other student organizations. The Wildlife Society uses money raised while operating the jail at the Ball to attend statewide conferences. For Kappa Kappa Gamma, providing services at the chapel is their biggest fundraiser of the year. The sorority donates the profits to the Camp-Mak-A-Dream Foundation. This year, the Foresters’ Ball increased the organizations that benefit from the proceeds to include the Humane Society of Western Montana, donating nearly $400 in pet supplies and money.

The Foresters’ Ball is a themed dance. However, within that theme, it offers an experience that is entirely unique to Missoula, the state of Montana and to my knowledge, the rest of the world. For nearly a year, the student committee responsible for hosting the upcoming Ball enlists the help of other students, alumni, and the western Montana community.

Without the support of these individuals and businesses, the Foresters’ Ball would not be possible. Thousands of person-hours are donated to ensure the success of the ball, as well as service and material donations from local businesses that are used in producing the Foresters’ Ball. Keeping this community-based attitude, the Foresters’ Ball has consistently elected to hire local musicians to provide the entertainment, even if they are a “country-rock bar band.” All of this effort culminates in two nights of celebration on the largest dance floor in Montana.

Note: The above was taken from a letter written to the Montana Kaimin (Thursday, December 06, 2007) by Leah Jones, the ‘Chief Push’ for the 90th Foresters’ Ball and Alex Williams

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