Stress Less

Stress Less Week is an event put on by the University of Montana to help students cope with the stress of finals. This event is put on every semester during the last week of classes. The University Center is transformed for a few days into a haven for students to take a break from the academic grind. Funny movies are on hand, food, messages, meditations, crafts, comedians, and many more activities are available for students to participate in at no cost to them.

A booth is set up for Delta certified teams, like Skyler & I, for students to enjoy the calming benefits of dogs (especially dogs like Skyler). Students filter in and out, petting the dogs & sharing stories of dogs in their lives. It’s a great even that Skyler has enjoyed thoroughly each time even though she may not show it in the same way as the other dogs.

4 thoughts on “Stress Less

  1. Anonymous says:

    I can't believe that Stupidog even had the energy to raise it's head! Whoa. Where did that sudden burst come from?

  2. annienz says:

    very cool idea!!! I would have so loved that when I was a student with no pets around.
    I hope Neve can be so helpful once she gets to be a therapy dog.


  3. Holly Rae says:

    For the top (black and white) photo Skyler had to trot across about 15 feet of space 9 or 10 times. We wanted to go a few more but she was slowing down and refusing to trot any longer. A that point we were barely getting a walk. hah hah. She then slept the rest of the day. What a rough life my dogs have.

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