Unnamed Lake

Our souls itching to get away from the indoors, Christopher & myself, along w/ Skyler, Schuck & Bosco packed up our backpacks & drove towards Seeley.

Chris had taken an outdoor course in the spring that took him on an overnight trip into Pyramid Pass on the edge of the Bob Marshall Wilderness and in the Swan Mountains. He’s been talking about getting me up there ever since. Since I had to get back for Puppy Preschool on Friday we needed something short enought that we could be back for the next afternoon, but far enough away that we could feel as though we were in the middle of nowhere.
We set our sights for this unnamed lake an headed off.
Schuck & Sklyer are experienced backpackers but this was Bosco’s first backpacking & camping trip. He’s too young to stress his joints with a lot of weight so he only carried his own pack and a few ounces of his dehydrated food.The hike was steep with a 1,640 feet gain over 4 miles & took about 3 hours but we made it. The lake where we set up camp was beautiful. Just a small alpine lake that contained no fish so it doesn’t get much traffic.
The views weren’t to shabby either.
Come morning it was time to head back down & say goodbye to our little paradise until next time.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh no. More pictures of Stupidogs w/packs! How about pic's of Chris w/”new” fishing rod and some trout he caught with his newly aquired skills! Preferably on a high alpine lake somewhere.

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