Mom & Dads Super Amazing Bestest Vacation To Holly & The Wild Wild West

I just returned home to Missoula from dropping Momma Bear & Daddio off @ the airport in Spokane, WA. They flew out for a first of hopefully many more visits to come.

After spending all of Wednesday in airplanes, they were then subjected to my driving through the mountains for 3 more hours. After arriving in Missoula, I let them stretch their legs by walking downtown for some huckleberry ice cream from the Big Dipper.

We took off early Thursday morning for Jackson Hole, WY. We drove through the western gates of Yellowstone National Park.
We then continued on down to Grand Teton National Park.
Dad had a special hike planned for us to hear the elk bugle in a not so well known access road in the park that led us to a little piece of heaven. Although we did not see any elk where we were expecting them to I did get to hear them bugle for the first time.
I also discovered Teton Glacer, a day hike I now have my sites set on for late next summer, seeing as how it’s to late in the season for me to make it back down there to conquir it this season.
After a day of sightseeing the parks we crashed at an awesome dude ranch called Heart Six Ranch just outside the GTNP. That was, after we found the only tv in the place and watched the Steelers win their first game of the season in overtime! The view from the ranch was amazing!
I took them into Jackson early Friday morning to tour the town & do a little shopping. Of course we had to stop & get our pictures taken by the infamous arches at the town square.
On the way home we stopped back in Yellowstone so that mom & dad could see Old Faithful. Although it’s not the largest or the most spectacular geyser to watch, it is amazing in its predictable schedule.
We returned back to Missoula late Friday night in time for some more Big Dipper huckleberry ice cream. While I drudgingly returned to work mom & dad entertained themselves on the rivers & out enjoying themselves in the wilderness.
Mom also crossed off many new bathrooms off her list!
They also enjoyed the company of all the extra room mates we have. Schuck follwed mom around all day like Queenie to make her feel more at home & dad snuggles up w/ Van Buren.
Dad even took the time to show Christopher the ropes in fly fishing!
On their last night here, while mom drug Skyler around campus (mom learned how easy to tire Skyler really is) Dad & I tackled the M Trail. HE MADE IT!

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