Glacier Lake

Kristin had a doctor’s appointment this morning so we knew we’d be getting a late start and decided to stick to a relatively easy 4 mile hike today. After driving up past Seeley Lake, already passing some gorgeous views of the Swan Valley we turned and headed down a well kept dirt road.
Winding up into the mountains about 11 miles or so on this road we came upon a deserted parking lot and only the trail head to greet us. We let the dogs splash around in the nearby stream while we readied their packs & were on our way.The trail led us through some beautiful creek side views and partial burns. Kristin taught me all about the edible (and non edible) berries along the way and I even experienced my first huckleberry straight off the bush. For my family back home, I know it’s hard to imagine, but it’s a heck of a lot better straight off the bush than it is from a bon bon.
The trail, although beautiful, did not prepare me for the view I was about to encounter. We rounded a small hill & suddenly through the trees water started to appear. My pictures will never do this lake & the mountains that surround it any justice. But I highly encourage anyone in the area with a few spare hours on their hands to head down this beautiful path to experience what only the eyes can truly appreciate.


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