Float Coats & Swim Lessons

My friend Kristin & I took all of our dogs down to the river yesterday for a few hours for swim lessons. I’ve been trying to get Bosco & Skyler out on the river as much as I can this summer. Since Skyler has been a little hesitant to go into the water past where she can stand, I decided to purchase a float coat for her. After pulling her out past her comfort level a few time to show her that the float coat would help her swim, she took to the water like she was a Labrador retriever! By the end of the day both Skyler & Bosco were swimming all over the river & thoroughly enjoying themselves.

2 thoughts on “Float Coats & Swim Lessons

  1. Anonymous says:

    OMG! Stupidogs come in packs. W/clothes on.
    I bet all the wonderful trout are fat from eating the fleas and other bugs that floated off these nasty looking creatures frollicking in the river. Where was this stream anyhow? Clarks Fork?

  2. Holly Rae says:

    You're not allowed to know. And anyways, if you went there it would just be full of 'stupidogs' splashing so much they would scare all the fish away.

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