It’s Become an Obsession

Climbing has quickly become a new obsession in my life as I’ve been spending ever day off this summer doing it. There is such a rush feeling the pain in your feet, hands, knees, and muscles as you attempt to scale the rock at your fingertips. There comes such a high as you progress further up a rock than you ever thought possible, as you play the mental game of overcoming fears & try to calm nerves. Your heart races as your fingers start slipping & you swing off the face of the rock towards nothingness.Trust. It’s all a game of trust. Do you trust the person at the other end of the rope to catch your weight if you slip or fall? Do you trust the knots you just put into the rope? Do you trust that your fingertips can support the weight of your body as you shimmy up a smooth surface? You learn a lot about yourself up there on that rock, beyond anything you ever thought possible…

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