Ears Up

Boscarelli’s ears came up on a Thursday while we were driving in the car headed towards Pennsylvania. They both popped right up & have stood straight up ever since. He’s growing so quickly. People can’t believe he’s only a 4 month old puppy. I have a hard time believing it myself sometimes.We started training the day he turned 16 weeks old (I won’t work obedience w/ any puppy under 16 weeks) & he’s taken quickly to heel w/ the automatic sit, holding a sit no matter where I move to, in (getting into anything, cars, crates, etc.), his release word (Okay!), and have recently started on down. He’s going to make an awesome dog when he grows into the big clunky legs.

Skyler & I are scheduled to take our Delta Society Animal Assisted Therapy Pet Partner’s test on August 22nd to participate in therapy work here in Missoula. Wish us luck as we’ve been waiting for our opportunity to take this test for a long time.

4 thoughts on “Ears Up

  1. Holly Rae says:

    We'll be able to visit pet approved Youth Homes, Nursing homes, hospitals, assisted living facilities, cancer treatment centers, etc.
    I've wanted to do this since I was little. The drive became even greater after my grandfather was in a hospital for a few days before he passed and the “Golden Girls” (3 golden retrievers) came to visit him. Although he probably had no idea that they were even there (correct me if I'm wrong mom) I sure know that they brought a lot of joy to my family as they were in the hospital surrounded by such negativity.

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