Lost Lake

My friends from high school, Kayla & Stan, were getting married & I was one of the bridesmaids in their wedding. The wedding was back in Pennsylvania & I will use just about any excuse for a road trip. I took the opportunity to pack up the pups in mi baja & drive cross country to my parents house. I also discovered along the way that dropping down to Boulder, CO for a quick visit to Chris & Schuck would only add a total of 4 hours onto my trip total. While down in Boulder for a few days Chris took me hiking in some forest (I can’t remember the name of it, help me out here Chris if you read this!) to Lost Lake.

Skyler is not shown in any of these pictures b/c I left her back in Chris’ appartment for the day since it was a decently steep hike on a hot day. She was very happy to be left alone to sleep on Chris’ bed all day followed by a nice walk in the cool of the night once we returned.

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