HooDoo Lake

I was 10 when I took my first trip out West. My family (excluding my brother, who was attending a Boyscout camp) drove to the Idaho panhandle to camp for a couple weeks. On the drive out was my first experience of Missoula. Although I was young & barely remember any of it, it was then that Missoula & I made our first connection. Ever since then I have been drawn to it, which finally led to my moving here.

At the direction of the forest service my family & I stayed at a remote mountain lake known as VooDoo lake. Tonight I returned there once again.The lake is still as beautiful as I remember it. The road still as winding, taking you as far into the Bitterroot Wilderness as one possibly can get on a road. I got to take only a few photos before the battery died on my camera.
Bosco & Skyler enjoyed some swim lessons in the firgid lake waters. Skyler is building up the courage little by little to get further into the water, while Bosco is champing it out just like everything else that he does.Yes, I am really pale. This is what the winters in Montana do to you when you are covered up so much for most of the year. Thankfully the floating season has started & I will get to spend atleast a little time out in the sun.

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