Skyler Turns 2

My little girl turned 2 years old today. Although she is a dog w/ characters of a 9 year old, until today she was officially still a puppy.

She spend the morning riding around lost in the mountains w/ me as we tried to find a clients house. We never did find the house but it made for an interesting drive into the mountains w/ some beautiful scenery. At one point (okay so maybe it was more like 4, but we were lost!) we drove over this old bridge where you had to stay on the wooden planks that ran down the middle of it. After the rest of my training appointments were finished Skyler & I walked downtown to Big Dipper, an ice cream joint in Missoula, w/ some friends. They hand out free ice cream cones to dogs, and even though I don’t normally let my dogs eat people food, today was a special occasion. Skyler got her very first ice cream cone & she LOVED it.We walked the Kim Williams trail most of the way back to our house, stopping to let the dogs play along the way. Happy Birthday Skyler!

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