You Can Never Go Wrong W/ Good Friends

Group photo! Christopher, me, Cameron, & Kelly.
One of Cameron’s snowshoes broke about halfway up the mountain. Cameron is a few inches taller than I am. It’s amazing to see how much snowshoes really help!
Got a little captain in you?
There was a mountain of snow leading to the top of the roof of Lolo Peak Lodge and there were no signs saying we couldn’t climb onto the roof. So we snowshoe d up onto the roof!
This is not in inches.
The trees were gorgeous. We had just gotten 9 inches of fresh powder up at Lolo Pass the day we went snow shoeing.
Roasting marshmallows for S’mores in the new fire pit we built in our backyard. We only had 1 metal coat hanger so Cameron made a makeshift marshmallow toaster out of a chunk of wood.
Kelly & Reggie the Leonberger. Kelly loves these dogs and when she found out I knew a few, I set up a play date for her to meet some of them while she was in.
Hannah & Reggie; Leonbergers. Hannah is one of my training clients.
Iditadogs. While Kelly was in we also went up to the sled dog kennels to meet Kirk & all the pups.

The infamous Koala. And it has a baby!!! While taking a walk last fall with Skyler thru the University District, I spied a Koala bear in a tree. I forgot the exact location of where I saw the little bear but upon several weeks of searching I could not find it. Then finally! But upon finding the Koala again it had a baby!

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