Puppy Preschool

In January I started my first puppy preschool class at Go Fetch! I had 3 little puppies in my class a French Bulldog (above), a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and a Shih Tzu. I was in the process of creating a brochure to hand out to local business promoting my Puppy Preschool class so Christopher came in and took some pictures for the brochure.
One activity of Puppy Preschool is I teach owners and their puppies how to have a positive association with the vacuum cleaner. The vacuum is on and running strong in the photo above as Dutch eats kibble from it.
Christopher’s “puppy” Schuck sometimes comes into Puppy Preschool to help teach puppies how to properly introduce themselves to big dogs as well as socialize them to dogs of all sizes.
Skyler also gets to come into all of my preschool classes, which she loves to do. I swear she somehow knows what Saturdays are Puppy Preschool days because she is so much perkier on those mornings.
Teaching owners to handle their puppies in all ways out of the ordinary is also very important.
Talking to my class during handling/pass the puppy exercises.

My first class all in all was a great success! Today I started with class #2 which consists of a Leonberger, Miniature Poddle, as well as a mixed breed.

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