Pilot Dogs

Our class took a field trip to Pilot Dogs in downtown Columbus this morning. For those of you not familiar w/ Pilot Dogs, they are a non-profit organization that provides seeing eye dogs to the blind. I had the privileged of being completely blinded, then led through downtown Columbus with the assistance of Gibson, a 1 1/2 year old yellow lab that was a former graduate of National K9. He is assisting me down off a curb in the photo above. The purpose of our field trip was to not only show us what service dogs are capable of, but to allow us to know what it’s like to put that much trust in to a dog. Could you completely blind yourself then hold onto a harness attached to a dog & trust him to get you across city streets safely? Some people have to ever single day of their lives. That’s the value of a good dog trainer. 😉Master’s Course class photo at Pilot Dogs
Standing: (left to right) Pilot Dog’s Head Trainer, Kyle, Cathy, Hope, Katie C, Lynsey, David, Tara, Bed, Lisa, & Pilot Dog’s Apprentice Traner
Kneeling: Gibson, Shannon, Holly, Katie P.

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