Attack Suite

Today I had the privileged of robing myself in a full blown attack suite & letting my best bud Boomer come after me once again. Boomer has some sort of a grudge against me from he first time when we did only sleeve work . Today, I had the chance to agitate him, & then run out of the room, thru the dorms, & hide in a storage closet. Boomer was then given a release command, had to track me thru the dormitory, & then tear me out of the closet. That part I have on tape but I prob won’t be able to share it on here. The work is amazing & Boomer is an incredible dog. I would say he is one of the top ten dogs in the country , if he’s not #1. Chris has done amazing work w/ Boomer & I hope to someday achieve as much success as my mentors here. 🙂 *muah*

One thought on “Attack Suite

  1. Anonymous says:

    You look like a big fuzzy black bear with a Holly head. Now if only you had your fat head you would be a full bear.

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