Congrats Kirk!

Today at 1:19:44 am Alaskan Standard Time Kirk Barnum crossed the finish line in Nome signifying the end of his first Iditarod run. He crossed with 8 of the 16 dogs he started the race w/. Kirk had been running with only 9 dogs since the 401 mile marker and dropped the last one only at mile 1035. Keep your thoughts w/ the real athletes of this race, the dogs, as one of our dogs (Kelso)was dropped from the race w/ a compound fracture. His racing career is over but he is still an awesome dog.Viewer submitted photo from the Iditaride of Kirks team. Angus in front left is leading the pack.
96 people started the race (a record high I believe) but only 80 of those starters will be crossing the finish line as the race got the better of 16 of those who started it. Kirk finished the race in 67th place. The entire race took him 13 days, 10 hours, 19 minutes, 44 seconds. His average speed for the race was 3.45 mph.

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