Eyes to the Sky

Driving home from the kennels today a huge bird swooped in front of my car and proceeded to land on a tree top about 20 ft away from the side of the road. It only took a side glance to know what this magnificent bird was and my eyes proceeded to follow it swooping & circling till it landed on the tree top. I pulled out my faithful camera (I’m still grateful to all of the people that pitched in and bought this for me 2 Christmas’ ago) & started snapping.Here s/he sits majestically on top of the tree. When I had snapped about a hundred photos I zoomed out to capture the scenery behind as well and was surprised at what I saw.There, on the branches above the bald eagle I was shooting at (in a photographers way only!) was not alone. I’ve been living in Montana for almost 8 months now & this country just doesn’t seem to get old to me. I’ll hopefully get some pictures up of the kennels soon and how the new pups are growing. It’s hard to believe they’re almost 4 months old already. Also, the Iditarod starts on Saturday & the re-start (when the official time counting begins) is Sunday. I’ll also post Kirks progress as he goes. Keep him & the dogs in your thoughts as the trail is dangerous for man and canine alike.

4 thoughts on “Eyes to the Sky

  1. Anonymous says:

    That middle pictures is awesome! I love it, would be interested in hanging that in the apartment. Love ya sis!! Keep the photos coming. I love them.

  2. Anonymous says:

    holly rae great shots!! i really like the second one i want a print. i keep tellin ya you would do well in the photoj program you are already a better shooter than a lot of the class!

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