Best in Show

I attended my very first dog show today. And just to explain how much I was in my forte, I went on only 4 hours of sleep, the weekend before finals, getting up at 6:30, driving 30 min. to get there, and spent 9 1/2 hours doing nothing but taking pictures & watching dogs. I love dogs! Have I ever mentioned this before? If it was a breed of dog, it was there.

P.S. for any of you that had the opportunity to watch the Mayweather vs. De la Hoya fight, WOW!

4 thoughts on “Best in Show

  1. Eedra at Barking Mad says:

    Hi Holly, Great Blog. I thought you might want to know about Barking Mad – Equity for Pet Owners. We’re in Australia at’ve been to Missoula ages ago while riding my bike from Oregon to Michigan. It was a silly thing to do – not Missoula, just bicycling sort of like driving to PA in 2 days but worse. Thanks for sharing your love of dogs with all of us Eedra


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