Keepin Busy

Hey all. This is a little tough for me, but I’m gonna break down and ask everyone to keep me in their prayers right now. It’s been a little bit of a rough start to a new semester for me and all I’m askin is to pray for strenght for me right now. I would really apprecciate all the help I could get.
I know I have a lot to be greatful for and a lot of great friends out there, but sometimes I just have a hard time seeing all that wonderful positive that’s acting in my life over all the hurt and negative. Please don’t think I am not greatful for each and every one of you that are in my life. 🙂
Also if you could keep Mr. Williams in your prayers I would really appreciate that too. He’s been in the hospital since Dec. 18th, and after a long process of not knowing what was wrong, to finally figuring it out and the treatments not working, the doctors at Pittsburgh have finally gotten to the core of the problem and today he is being transfered back to Lancaster General for the long road of recovery thru physical therapy. Just keep him and his family in your prayers as well please.

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  1. Daddio says:

    Dear God,Watch over, guide, and protect my beautiful daughter Holly since I am so far away. Right now she needs your reassurance. Holly Rae is someone who is as pure of heart as anyone I know and is deserving of your love and ruth.Thank you Lord,Holly’s Dad

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