Woodlands Zoo

Mom, Dad, Queenie, & I traveled back from Ohio on Sunday night when I was suprised w/ a call from Christopher. His uncle was traveling back to Ohio and Chris was wondering if he could drop him off in Somerset on his way out. So on Monday after I got off work I was so happy to wrap him up in my arms again and bring him back to good ‘old Confluence. On one of the days we traveled to the Woodlands Zoo to see the rare white buffalo that had just been born there. Unfortinetly we didn’t get to see the little guy b/c he was hiding in a shed, but here are a few of the other things we got to see. My camera’s battery died right in the begining of the zoo, so I only have a few pictures. To see more of the pics, check out www.webshots.com and search Chris’ user name CHRISTOFOTO. I’m not sure if he has the pictures up yet, but I’m sure he’ll get them up eventually.

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