Holly Got Her Own Camera!


Dad discovers my new camera

A lot has been happening over break. I traveled down to Lancaster on the 29th of December to have Christmas w/ Chris and his family. Chris had a few tricks up his sleeve for my present though it seemed. I opened my gift to reveal a camera case. Then I was given a card saying: Read this and recieve a free camera! I was in disbelief. Further reading revealed that my wonderful boyfriend & best friend, took the liberty of gathering a few of my friends back at DelVal, along w/ chris’ parents, to all chip in for a digital camera for myself. My first reaction was to cry. The thoughtfulness of everyone hit me really hard and I couldn’t believe so many people went together to get me such a thoughtful gift since I had been saying all semester how I was going to miss having a really nice camera after Chris left.
So before I end this little post, I really need to extend my thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Williams, Jamee, Shani, Daria, Yacco, & Kelly for all contributing.
And I especially need to thank Christopher for not only putting this all together but putting a lot of hard earned money towards it as well. Thanx Christopher, I’ll love you always!

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