Snowed In, 2006 Winter Semi-Formal

Chris asked me out to the winter semi-formal this year. It was exactly 1 year to the day of our first date (Dec. 2nd). This time last year we were front row at and Iron & Wine / Calexico concert at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia. That was by far one of the best days of my life to date. Oh yea, the dance. Well it was wonderful. My friends found me playing Donkey Kong 3 only an hour before the dance and scolded me for not getting ready. So they drug me back to my room and forced make-up and a hair-do on me, then I changed into my dress and was off for a night of fun in the snow. (there was actually a “snow machine” on the dance floor. It was kool until you breathed in the “snow” which was actually made of some sort of soap. As you can see Chris & I are hams and enjoy having our pictures taken as much as we enjoy taking pictures. Hope ya’ll enjoy the pics.

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