Chemical Restraint @ the Elmwood Park Zoo

So I had my last lab. It was on chemical restraint. It was actually a kinda kool course to take b/c we got to shoot two different types of blow guns and such. Actually it terrified me b/c it brought back memories of my brother & his friend deciding they needed something to hunt with their new blow guns. That something turned out to be me. My mom wouldn’t believe me until about my Sr. year of high school that he would do something like that to me when we were young. He was evil!
The lab was actually a lot of fun as I learned about special escape teams in the zoos and the training they go through. Then my classmates and myself got to go up one by one and shoot at our animals, which were a drawing of an animal butt on a cardboard box.
Here are a few pics from the lab. I forget our speaker’s name for that lab. He is the currator at the Elmwood Park Zoo tho. And the kid w/ the long hair is my friend & classmate Brian F.

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