NYC & The Bronx Zoo

On my first visit of the summer to DelVal, my spur-or-the-moment traveling companion, Christopher, and myself found ourselves in the jungles of some of the most savage beast I have ever seen. No, actually it was just New York City, and I can’t say anything bad about the people there. They’re all friggin awesome. After long months of waiting, one car ride that seemed to take forever, and all the skin I chewed off my lips for being nervous, I finally got to meet the elusive Jama! I could go on and on about how awesome she is, but I don’t have the time and the more I get to know the Williams family (even the newest editions!), the more I truely fall in love with them. We crashed in Curtis and Jama’s apartment for 3 days on their living room floor. Thanx so much you two for letting us do that! On our second day tho, Chris and I decided to venture out to the Bronx Zoo for some time alone and some much needed time w/ nature. Well… as much nature as you can get in the heart of NYC. The pics aren’t working, but I’ll keep trying!

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