Not for the Weak of Heart

As the title says, these pics are not for my parents or the weak of heart. Today was the first, and probably only time I will have gotten to go into an acutal cage w/ a tiger. I am sitting w/ Firebug feeding her her bottle. In the two other pictures, on is of Heidi Berri, my boss, and in the final photo is just to show how massive in size these animals really are. My friend Matthew is feeding Tigger on his hind legs. Matther is a litle over 6 ft tall. And as you can see, Tigger is so much bigger than he is. Getting a feel for how powerful these animals truely are?
I love and miss everyone! And I hope ya’ll are enjoying the photos. Keep up w/ the comments and writing, it truely does help! Love! *muah*

7 thoughts on “Not for the Weak of Heart

  1. Holly Rae says:

    sorry all, there was a bit of a confusion, there is no picture of heidi up there, rather a picture of tess, one of my favorite tigers down here. and i don’t know what i messed up to make the pictures doubles, so just bare w/ me! love all. *muah*

  2. Randa says:

    Looks like you’re having fun! Hope the internship continues to go well. Mark wants you to bring one of the little ones home for him to play with!(We came across your blog when reading comments on Laura and Charlie’s blog.)

  3. You sis!! says:

    Heya sissay!! I misses you and I’m glad I’m not in the cages! Be safe! Jose and I love you!

  4. christopher says:

    Holly your pics are great!!!ps if that tiger is only 6′ i could totally take him on cause i am 6’2″ so you tell him i could beat him up and see how he takes it!!!grrrr

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