A Pic of Me

Here are two pics of me, even tho I hate having my pic taken especially when I don’t even have time to groom myself ever! I’m prob not gonna wanna put to many of me up b/c I barely have time to brush my own hair in the morning! I am taking a week of rest when I get home to primp and be girly! I hope Cindy H. will still let me use my massage coupon!

4 thoughts on “A Pic of Me

  1. Karina says:

    Haha…yay for massages! You deserve it! Those babies are adorable…there’s no doubt you’ve got your hands full…Post Script: I love reading your blog. Excellent idea, I must say! *love you*

  2. yacco says:

    you know you could solve that hair brushing problem if you just shaved your whole head…but then i’d be sad so on second thought don’t do that. Hope you are having fun with those little cuties but don’t forget to have some fun on your own on the side and don’t over work your self and pass out b/c then i would have to cry. i’ll be keepin an eye on this site for your next entry, love you and miss you till then!

  3. Holly Rae says:

    why thank you anonymous. i would love to get some more pics up but unfortinatley i am not working closely w/ any animals other than the dogs here in our kennels. hopefully soon tho. keep your fingers crossed!

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