A Lot of Hours

Yet another day that I will get to sleep at exactly midnight. That makes 2 so far I guess. Without National Geographic here filming today, our plans completely changed and I actually had a good amount of time to get some work done for school. So I spent my only free time today filling out paperwork for the internship hours at DelVal so that I can count these hours towards graduation. In 5 days I have already racked up 76 hours worth of work. At this rate I will have not only the 960 required by my school, but I will leave here with well over 1,000. Kristine (that is the other intern) went to Wal*Mart tonight and I gave her some $$ for a few CD-RW’s so this way I will be able to constanly keep up w/ pics as long as I have the time! I love and miss ya’ll but it’s time for sleep tonight! *muah*

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