A Long Overdue Thanks

I would like to thank a Mr. Woody and Mary Jane Rush as well as a Rev. Jim and Carol Ann Stone. On my travels down to Texas I stayed in the cabin located behind the Rush’s house and in the guest bedroom of the Stone’s house. Both couples were wonderful to stay with and I GREATLY appreciate everything that they have done for me! Posted below are pictures of both!

4 thoughts on “A Long Overdue Thanks

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello Holly, we feel honored to have our picture included with these beautiful tigers–wow !!! We were very glad to know that you had arrived safely and that all is going well. We will continue to visit your site each day with much interest and keep you in our prayers.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Holly, it was our pleasure to meet you and host you for a night. The work you’re doing this summer is amazing. We will keep you in our prayers and continue to check in here so we can see how your summer work is going. God bless!Jim and Carol Anne Stone

  3. Woody and Mary Jane says:

    Hi Holly, didn’t mean to be anonymous the first time we responded to your nice thanks–thought our name was included–oh well,–do hope all is continuing to go well–you are a brave young lady to be in such close contact with those beautiful tigers. Hope the cubs are growing and doing well. We look forward to more pictures. Take care, mary jane and woody

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