With the Good Comes the Bad

So, after three weeks of planning and thousands of dollars, the documentary for National Geographic did not go as planned and there will be no publicity for C.A.R.E. This is really sad. I am sorry to hear it. They were supposed to also be filming tomorrow, but that is now no longer happening. The experiments have failed on all three of the animals and the film crew could not get any footage worth saving. On a good note tho, things will finally start to slow down and I won’t be working very many more 17 hour days. Yay! I miss everyone dearly back home so I finally got some pics taken today and I really hope you enjoy them. I will admit, I was a little… okay really homesick the first three days but I think now it is finally starting to go away… just a little bit. Keep sending the love via e-mail: brok_05@yahoo.com or GroffHR@devalcol.edu, by phone: 814.233.xxxx, or by mail: Holly Groff 245 County Road 3422 Bridgeport, Texas 76426. Enjoy the pics ya’ll. And don’t worry, I’m in good hands down here, I am meeting a lot of really nice people. I actually met a girl that is interning at a place about 15 minutes from here and she is a graduate from Uniontown High School. Small world! She knows a lot of the people that I know like the Brauns and the Bungards. Who knew? *muah*

6 thoughts on “With the Good Comes the Bad

  1. yacco says:

    Nice shots girlie! you’re rippin it up out there with the camera, i’m so totally jealous of your mad crazy skills!

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