Baby Pictures!

I know everyone has been waiting for these, here are some pics of the four cubs that I am not only taking care of this summer, but sharing my living quarters with as well. There are three boys: Jake, Luka, & JP, and 1 girl: Aluschia. Luka and Aluschia are named after fashion designers and JP is named after the founder of 7-11. This was done in hopes that these very wealthy persons will donate money to the shelter. Jake was named after an older cat here at the center who is in poor health due to the fact that when he was younger he was declawed. This does not work well in these cats and he walks funny and has a lot of major health problems. Enjoy the pics! They are cute in the pics, but man do they have claws! *muah*

6 thoughts on “Baby Pictures!

  1. Karina says:

    ADORABLE! I’m sorry about the documentary too…*sad face*But that’s cool that you met someone from U-town…LOL! Yes, it IS a small world…I’m not surprised. Glad your work will be slowing down a bit…have fun!Love you!

  2. yacco says:

    AWWW they are sooo cute! you’re so lucky to be playing with baby kitties that could one day eat your face…..holly rae i love you and miss you lots but it looks like you’re enjoying yourself so keep on doing that!

  3. Anonymous says:

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