Saying goodbye to Mom & Dad

On Thursday Momma & Pappa Bear came by DelVal to say goodbye to Baby Bear. We went shopping for the neccessities, plenty of hugs were exchanged, and just as quickly as they came, it was time to say goodbye to Mom and Pops. I had a great two days with them. We even spent Friday night w/ the Williams family. Mom and Dad, I love you both, and I’ll see you in August for that short week when we’re not only expecting a baby, but your own little “baby” will be turning twenty… I guess there’s no going back now. Thanx for showing me the world outside of Confluence and helping me prove to myself that I can get out of that narrow-minded box. (*wink* mom) That is all for now. I recieved a new digital camera and will start getting pictures up ASAP. I’m out and over, err… over and out. Love. *muah*
p.s. my closest friends will know that I HATE… no… LOATHE! shoe shopping. And this past winter I finally threw out the ungly green things that were held together by duct tape on my feet and mom bought me a brand new pair of shoes for Texas that are rough and tumble. I think they will be able to withstand even a tiger chewing on them. Thanx mom!

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